Home Sale Deal Breakers

No home seller wants to start the sale process only to have the transaction fall through. It wastes time since you have to start from the beginning looking for a new buyer. However, you can preempt such disappointments if you educate yourself on the common deal breakers in home sales. Below are some of these deal breakers.

Major Structural Issues

Few people want to buy a home only to spend thousands of dollars in fixing it up unless they specifically want to buy a fixer-upper. Serious structural defects will turn away most potential buyers. Therefore, if your house has a roof that needs replacement or a foundation that is sinking, you may have a hard time selling the property.

Serious Pest Infestation

A few insects here and there might not turn away a buyer if nothing else is wrong with the house. However, a serious pest infestation is usually a turn-off. Pests spread disease and cause property damage. The type of pest also determines buyers' reactions. For example, termites are known to cause serious structural damage, some of which might be hidden.

Dangerous Conditions

Dangerous conditions on your property will also turn away buyers since no one wants to inherit a property that can get damaged, go up in flames, or cause injuries. For example, a malfunctioning electrical system or a heating system that is leaking carbon monoxide may be a cause of concern. Another example is high radon levels on the property. The seriousness of the danger and the ease or complexity of its solution also matters.

Illegal Constructions

Unpermitted additions can also make it difficult for you to sell your house. This is because the buyers know that they will inherit whatever difficulties that come with illegal additions such as fines and the cost of making everything right. Illegal additions are even more of a turn-off if they form a big percentage of the house.

Broken Appliances or Systems

There are some appliances that a buyer expects, and should get, in a home for sale. A heating system, an air conditioner, a plumbing system, and an electrical system are classic examples. Therefore, selling a house with a malfunctioning heating and cooling system may be a tall order.

Hopefully, your property won't have such deal breakers, and your home sale will go through with ease. Hiring a real estate professional from the beginning will help ensure that is the case. Together with the agent, you can identify potential deal breakers and iron them out before putting the property on the market.