Amenities To Consider In Your Next In-Town Home Purchase

When buying a home, you may not always have the luxury to buy one that is located out in the country or in the suburbs. Because you may have responsibilities and work that keep you in town, finding a place to live within the same area saves you time and money in commuting to and from you and your family's commitments. As you look to buy a house in town that still has all the features you want in a home, here are some insights to consider before you make the purchase.

Consider a Townhome

The great part about buying your own home is that you can choose the type of property that works for your needs. For example, you can buy a property with land for horses; or a house with a large backyard garage for your vehicles, toys, or hobbies; or luxury townhomes located centrally in the downtown area convenient to your office. And when you buy a townhome that is located within easy access to your work and other locations, it gives you a piece of your own property and the benefits of home ownership without having to move to a location inconvenient for your personal responsibilities.

A townhome can be a nice property for your situation because it can provide you with the square footage without taking up a large space of land. Townhomes can be built to consist of a basement for storage and laundry, a main floor for living and cooking, and one or more stories above the living space for bedrooms.

Look For a Private Yard

If you have chosen to buy a townhome in a downtown location, you may share walls with neighbors on either side of you, but you can still own a piece of outdoor space. Unlike an apartment where you may only have a balcony to enjoy the outdoors, your townhouse purchase can include a backyard where you can enjoy nature, bask in the sunshine, host a backyard event, or grow a garden. And if you grow a garden it does not have to be in pots, as you can till the soil and plant trees, shrubbery, lawn, and vegetable plants. 

Look at a townhouse that has a private backyard that is fenced in or in which you are allowed to fence it in. This will provide your children or pets with a safe and private play area, and affords you the privacy from peering passersby.