4 People Other Than Your Real Estate Agent Who Can Help You Sell Your Home For Top Dollar

If you are in the process of preparing your home for sale, then you will be pleased to learn there are some people in addition to your real estate agent who can help you get the job done. If you want to get top dollar and a quick sale, then enlist the help of these four people:

A Home Inspector

While you might think of home inspectors as professionals who protect a home buyer from buying a home with major defects, they can also be a great asset for sellers. Since your buyer will want an inspection, you can head them off at the pass by having your home inspected. Once you have the inspection report, then you can proactively make any necessary repairs. Not only will this save your buyer time and money, it also ensures your buyer won't want to renegotiate price after the inspection.

A Roofing Contractor

Since replacing a roof is very expensive, it's probably the last thing your potential buyers want to deal with. If your home's roof is bad, then you should have it replaced. However, even if the roof looks okay from the ground, you should have it professionally inspected and provide your buyers with a copy of the report showing the roof is in good working order and any necessary repairs have been made.

A Plumber

If you have any plumbing issues in your home or if your property has a septic tank, then a plumber should come out and inspect everything for leaks, make repairs, and pump out your septic tank. In your home's listing, your realtor should include information that your septic tank has been pumped and all of your plumbing was inspected and repaired by a licensed plumbing contractor.

Your Next Door Neighbor

Finally, you might be surprised at the suggestion, but your next door neighbor can also be a great resource when you want to sell your home. They might have a friend or relative looking to move to your area and can let them know your home is for sale. Additionally, you can ask your neighbor to come do a walk-thru of your home and give you their honest opinion about your house. While you may not notice that your couch is dirty or your house smells bad, an uninterested third-party can be a treasure trove of information if you simply ask for their opinion and then sit back quietly and listen to what they have to say.