Closed Escrow? What's Next?

Once you close escrow on your new house, you and the family will be anxious to get in and start living your new life ASAP. However, there are some things you do want to take care of so you can avoid some common issues new homeowners tend to run into once in a while when they are getting settled in their new place.

Get all services started – Get a list for all services available in your area and get started making phone calls to find the best rates and service. You should get started on this task while the house is in escrow so you'll know just who to call back to sign on with the moment you know the house is yours free and clear. Avoid having any of the companies run your credit while you are still in escrow because it can change your score which can cause a last minute problem with you getting the house. Some services you want to be ready to have turned on right away include:

  • Power
  • Water
  • Gas
  • Telephone
  • Trash
  • Internet
  • Television services
  • Security system
  • Landscaper
  • Pest control

Things to do before bringing your belongings in – Have the house cleaned from top to bottom before you move anything in. Also, have the pest control company come out and spray while the house is still empty, but after it has been cleaned. You don't want to have the house sprayed first because then some of the spray can end up being removed during the cleaning. While your house is being cleaned, you should also make sure you have all your appliances nice and clean so everything will be like a brand new house when you move in.

Things to do while you are moving in – While you are moving your things in you should make sure you keep an eye out for all of the mains. Make a chart or list of where they are and hang it in a cupboard so anyone in the family can find them quickly if they need to. Check all the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Hang up your fire extinguishers right away, so you have them ready to go in case of an emergency right away.

Ways to protect your house from the start – Make sure you have all locks replaced by a locksmith so you know there aren't any keys floating around out there that will let anyone right in your home. Check the fence for damages and have any repaired. Make sure you disable the emergency lever on the automatic garage door so someone can't use a wire to break in from the outside. You can do this by zip tying the pull lever to the track above it. Make sure all windows and sliders have a proper locking system.