5 Steps To The Perfect Home Sale

The 2017 real estate market is on track to be an extremely good one for sellers across most parts of the United States. With inventories of available homes falling and low interest rates continuing to fuel buyer interest, homeowners have an excellent opportunity to sell quickly and get top dollar for their homes. But even in a hot market, there are still five things sellers must do in order to enjoy the best possible home selling experience. 

One: Start with a great agent 

Statistics show that sellers who choose to be represented by a real estate agent get a much better price for their homes. Because agents work with buyers and sellers every day in the marketplace, they have an excellent understanding of how to best help you prepare to sell your home, market them effectively, and negotiate offers wisely in the local real estate market. 

Two: Make the home as appealing as possible

Cleaning, clearing away clutter, and making sure that both the interior and the exterior of the home are attractive and inviting is critical for a successful selling experience. Buyers will be drawn to a home that looks, feels, and smells clean, fresh, and spacious. Equally important is making sure the home looks appealing from the curb and offers an attractive entrance to help set the stage for what buyers will find inside the home. 

Three: Do the repairs before listing

Sellers who take the time to do necessary repairs and renovations before putting their home up for sale will be better able to avoid home inspection issues and the possibility of having to renegotiate their contract price. In addition, buyers who find homes in good condition are more likely to make higher initial offers. 

Four: Price the home correctly

When real estate markets are heating up, sellers sometimes feel like trying to price their homes too high, but doing so only reduces buyer interest. Using the information from a recent, well-researched comparative market analysis to set the best possible price point is always the best way to attract highly qualified buyers in any type of market. 

Five: Make the home available for viewing

The last step in enjoying a perfect home sale is for sellers to make sure the home is ready for viewing and available when buyers want to see it. This means keeping it in show-ready condition and being willing to deal with the inconvenience of showing appointments.

Doing just these five things is the best possible way to get the attention of serious, qualified buyers and enjoy the absolute best home selling experience.