Locate The Perfect Countryside Bungalow

If you own a condo in a busy city and would like to get away from the hustle and bustle during weekends and extended holidays and are interested in purchasing a small bungalow in the country, the following tips will assist with locating a home and property that will provide you with amenities that you desire and that is surrounded in a peaceful and picturesque setting. 

Learn About Upgrades And Impending Repairs 

After meeting with a real estate agent and discussing the type of property that you desire and the amount of money that you are willing to pay, ask for a copy of each residential listing that piques your interest so that you can look them over at your leisure. Ask the realtor about any upgrades that have recently been made, including a new floor, roof, appliances, heating equipment, and paint.

If large projects have recently been completed, you won't be likely to be faced with large expenses soon after you purchase a home. If there are any parts of a home that will need to be serviced in the imminent future, keep track of them by listing them in a notebook and compare the total cost that you may incur with other homes that you are considering.

Consider The Privacy Factor And Amount Of Space

If you would like to be surrounded by wildlife and a dense forest, don't settle for less by deciding upon a bungalow that is located next to several neighbors or that is not located on a piece of land that is large enough for you to utilize while participating in outdoor activities that you enjoy. Instead, take your time looking over each piece of property and walking around its perimeter to get a feel for how much space you will have to work with if you opt to purchase a particular home and its land.

Use a standard camera or phone to take pictures of various pieces of property and peruse the photos at a later date to help you narrow down your options. 

Drive Around Each Location

Even if you would like to feel as if you are far away from civilization when you spend time at your country home, you will still want to have your needs met in a timely manner. After touring a property, take the time to drive around the neighborhood and adjoining town to see what types of businesses and points of interest are available.

If you will be spending a lot of time at your country home, you may find that you need to stock up on groceries or purchase medicine at the last minute and businesses that are located nearby will be convenient to visit. If there are times where you would like to get out of the house and explore what the area has to offer, public venues that do not take long to drive to will help keep you occupied. 

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