Need A Property Without Neighbors In The Back? What To Look For

When you are looking at homes, you can have a lot of preconceived ideas of what the house will look like before you get there, because everything looks great in professional pictures that are posted online. When you start working with a real estate agent, there are some things to take into consideration. If you want to have an open backyard or some property where you can have your family play or entertain, these are some ideal options.

Golf Course Properties

Living on a golf course allows you to have a view of open greenery every time you look out your back window, and you don't have to worry about someone building a house or living in a home that is right behind you. The golf course will always be properly maintained, and you may even get a discounted membership at the club if you live on the property, or in a house that backs up directly to the property. This may also provide a close dining and entertainment option for you.

Private Drives

Gated communities and private drives are also great ways to get a private property. These are often in areas where not just anyone can drive up, and there isn't access to the roads through more than one or two entries. Look for a home a private drive that is in a wooded area, or on a road where people can't construct new houses behind the home you want to buy.

Large Lot Construction Opportunities

You may have to go out into the country, or off the main city roads, but tell your real estate agent that you want to find new construction opportunities with large lots. Often, this can prevent you from having to deal with neighbors directly behind you, and if you get into a new subdivision or area where there isn't a ton of construction, you can choose a lot that doesn't have neighbors.

There are a lot of different ways that you can move into a great home, with a great yard where you can enjoy some privacy and entertain, you just want to be up front with your real estate agent about what you are looking for. Talk with your agent and tell them what you want in a home if you decide to buy something that is already built, and what you want to spend on a piece of property that you can put a home on. 

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