Be Smart About Selling Your Current Home: Three Tips

When it's time to move on from the home you've had for years, you may have a number of feelings about selling the place. When that decision is made, it's understandable that you'd want to do everything necessary to get a great deal and leave the house feeling good about the future; these tips are tasks you might want to put into action to help the home sell soon.

Set a Fair Price

Setting the price for which you're willing to sell your family home can be more emotional than you expect. Your first impulse is to make money on the investments and upgrades you've made over the years, but you may just not want to sell below a certain price because of what the house has come to mean to you and your family. It is vital that you take the advice of your realtor and appraiser so that you don't set the price so high that you lower the amount of offers you'll receive. Ensure that the price is high enough that you see some return on your money but not so high that it will sit on the market for longer than it needs to.

Beautify the Exterior

Anyone looking for a house might be focused on the indoor spaces, but every prospective buyer will walk or roll up to the property seeing the lawn first. If the lawn is full of dead grass, holes, and unkempt bushes, that will cast a shadow over the rest of their visit. Do your best to assess the front lawn as a visitor might; do you need to ask a landscaper to help you with the grass? Have the bushes and trees been trimmed and pruned? Take care of these issues before receiving visitors.

You'll also need to pay some attention to the siding, windows, screens and other exterior elements of the house itself. Make the home look as inviting as possible.

Use Pleasant Scents

In addition to sight, you can also encourage people to feel positive about your home by making it smell pleasant when they walk through it. The sense of smell is both emotive and linked with memory, so the right smells might make people feel better and more receptive to your property than others. According to one study, the most popular scents were lime, grapefruit, bergamot, orange and peppermint. Using a diffuser to get those scents throughout the house or using sprays and candles might make your house that much more popular among prospective buyers. Of course, be careful not to go overboard!

If you want to solicit a nostalgic feeling from people so that they think of home, holidays and their own childhoods, you can also bake something up inside your oven. Many people enjoy fresh bread and chocolate chip cookies, so those might be good options.

Selling the home where you've lived for some time can be bittersweet, but it might be somewhat easier if you heed these tips. Working with a qualified realtor during this time will soon get you an offer you're pleased with. 

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