Why You Should Remove Your Dog Before A House Showing

If you are an animal lover who is trying to sell your home, then you may have no problem allowing your dog to remain in the residence during viewings and open houses. However, this is not always the best course of action. If you want to sell your home quickly, then it is wise to relocate your pup with a trusted family member of friend, especially during open house situations. There are several reasons why this is the case. Keep reading to learn why.

You Can Be Sued For Accidents

While your pup may be the kindest dog you know, accidents and incidents do happen. If any incident happens in your home that involves a bite or scratch, then you will be likely be held liable for damages. In fact, about half of all states in the country have strict liability laws. The statutes state that you are responsible for any injuries that are caused by your dog regardless of the circumstances or the cause. In states that do not have strict liability laws, you may still be held liable since your dog was not under your control.

The average cost of a dog bite claim costs a little over $26,000. While your home insurance coverage is likely to handle the expenses, an investigation will need to take place. This can cause a delay in the sale of your home. Also, you may not be able to get a new insurance plan for your new home if a lawsuit is still pending. If you are able to negotiate a plan, your dog may be seen as a liability. Your new coverage may be much more expensive and leave you with a smaller budget to work with.

Dogs typically bite because they are scared or startled. They also act out when they are stressed, when they feel threatened, or when they feel they need to protect something important. There are many situations that can occur during an open house that may cause your dog to act out. It is best to avoid problems altogether. If you cannot find a suitable place for your dog to relocate long-term, then look for a doggy day spa or kennel to send your dog while the open house or showing takes place.

Potential Buyers May Be Allergic

You want to present the perfect home for potential buyers when you schedule an open house. You also want individuals to see themselves living in the home. If you have taken your real estate agent's advice, then you have likely removed all pictures and personal mementos. Removing dog beds, toys, houses, and other objects is a good choice as well.

Relocating your dog can allow you to clean thoroughly and remove the scent of your canine. This smell may be offensive to others. Also, some potential home buyers may be allergic to dogs. About 15% of the population is allergic to one or several types of household pets, like cats and dogs. Pet dander causes these allergies to flare-up. If your home triggers an allergy attack for a potential buyer, then the individual may have an overall negative experience when viewing your home. This is best avoided.

Make sure to temporarily rehome your dog and then work to clean your home thoroughly. Vacuum all surfaces with the help of a HEPA filter vacuum. Spread baking soda across carpeting before vacuuming, and make sure to clean out couches and other pieces of furniture. 

If pet odors remain in the home, then you can use a scented spray to cover it. While it is typically not suggested to use perfumes and air fresheners when showing a home, a pleasant smell is less likely to offend potential buyers than a dog odor. There are several smells that the majority of people enjoy like citrus, baby powder, grass, rosemary, and peppermint. Use one of these smells around your home.