Selling Your Home During Winter: 3 Tips To Help Best Showcase Your Place

If you plan on selling your home during winter, you're going to have to put in more effort into preparing your home for the open house. The dreariness of the cold weather can taint the memory of your home to potential home buyers. You'll need to make extra effort to make your house appear welcoming, warm, and inviting. This article will look at 3 tips that can really make a difference in showcasing the beauty of your place.

Shovel the Driveways and Clear a Walkway from the Sidewalk to the Entrance

Getting to the house should not be a chore to potential home buyers or the trek to the front door will be all that they're going to remember at the end of the day. When showing your home during winter months, be prepared to wake up bright and early to shovel the driveways and the walkways. This will make your home appear a lot more inviting and welcoming.

Sprinkle some salt on the ground if you suspect that the cold weather will cause black ice to form or if you suspect that it's going to snow even more during the day. The last thing you want is for a potential home buyer to accidentally slip and fall on your driveway. This negative experience might give them a poor view of your house or might even taint their experience to the point where they might not be interested in even walking to the front door and taking a look inside anymore.

Light Up All of the Rooms and the Halls

There's less light outdoors during winter. You can also expect the sun to set much earlier during the winter than in the summer or spring. The darker atmosphere and environment can make your house seem uninviting or even smaller and less spacious than what it actually is. Showcase the inside of your house in all of its glory by lighting up all of the rooms and the halls. Replace fluorescent lights with incandescent lights, as incandescent lights are warmer in color and will make your house appear warmer and more inviting. Light up not only each room, but also the hallways as well. You want the home buyers to have a good view of the architectural design of your home.

You should also open up all of the curtains as possible. This will make the rooms appear larger. It will also let in more light from outside. Place mirrors in dim rooms to reflect light. The mirrors will make the rooms appear larger and brighter.

Consider What the Most Ideal Temperature Setting May Be

The average home buyer will look at a median of 10 homes before making a purchasing decision. Most of the time, the real estate agents will schedule several of the open house viewings on the same day, so the key features of each house will be fresh in the mind of the buyers. This allows them to better compare and contrast amongst listings in order to determine which house visited spoke the most to them.

With this in mind, you can expect that the average home buyer that comes to your open house will be visiting multiple homes on the same day. They're probably dressed for the weather, as they'll be getting in and out of the cold frequently. Take this factor into account when setting the indoor temperature of your room. As potential buyers will probably be wrapped in numerous layers, you don't want the home to be too warm, as the heat might shed a negative experience on your home.


It's crucial that you combat the dreariness of winter months with specific strategies that will make your house appear warmer and more inviting. If you fail to do so, potential home buyers might easily lose interest in your place. An experienced realtor can help you further stage your home and prepare snacks for the big day.