2 Ways to Increase Your Home's Front-Door Security

Your home's front door will not provide your family with the security you need if the front door's lock is jammed and your door's deadbolt is not at its strongest. A weak deadbolt won't protect you as it should from someone attempting to gain entry into your home, and a sticky lock can prevent you from using the lock to keep your home properly secured. Here are instructions for repairing your jammed or sticky door lock and reinforcing your door's deadbolt lock. [Read More]

Hints To Help Keep Your Bathroom Carpet Clean, Odor-Free And Long-Lasting

Carpeting in a bathroom can add warmth and make the atmosphere cozy and homier. However, keeping carpet clean in a bathroom can be a real challenge, and it demands more attention on the part of the homeowner than hard flooring. If neglected, carpeted bathrooms can quickly become smelly or dirty and make the room inhospitable. Below are several hints for keeping your bathroom carpet clean, odor-free and long-lasting: Immediately and properly address messes and spills [Read More]

Thief Ants Taking Over Your Kitchen? Information And Tips To Help You Get Rid Of Them

If tiny yellow, yellowish-brown or bronze-colored ants suddenly appear in your kitchen, take steps to eliminate the problem now. The tiny ants invading your kitchen are called thief ants. The pests love to invade and consume foods made with grease, even food items hidden or sealed away in plastic packaging. The only way to get rid of your ant problem is to secure your home and eradicate the pests' nesting sites. [Read More]

Frequently Asked Questions About Key Replacement

You use keys multiple times a day. They help you get into your home, car and place of business. However, most people don't realize that this constant use takes a toll on their keys, and eventually, the keys may need to be replaced. If you have never thought about replacing your keys or never knew it was something that may need to be done, you may have many questions about this topic. [Read More]