Shopping For A Home? 3 Reasons To Prioritize Long Front Yards

After achieving financial stability with savings, you may feel comfortable purchasing a home. Being patient with this process is beneficial to ensure you buy the right property for your family. For instance, you can figure out how many bedrooms and how much square footage you need. After you cover the essentials, you may want to start looking at other valuable details.

When you buy a home, you will find that the landscape can impact your satisfaction. A worthwhile strategy is to prioritize long front yards for the benefits they will provide.

Curb Appeal

Long front yards work well for maximizing curb appeal. In contrast, a short front yard gives you limited opportunities to beautify the space. Getting a lengthy one means you can add various features, such as grass, bushes, flowers, mulch beds, privacy hedges, trees, and fencing. These features will not fit in a small front yard, forcing you to narrow down your options.

Some turnkey homes will already have complete and beautiful curb appeals to enjoy with your family from the beginning. Depending on what your family wants the most from the front yard, you can prioritize beauty, flexibility, privacy, or safety. A fenced front yard may look good and provide enough protection that you feel comfortable letting your kids and pets play outside.


A major benefit of a long front yard is how easily you can get privacy for your family. A solid fence or privacy hedges around the perimeter will block visibility from drivers and pedestrians.

With so much space in the front yard, you can also use trees and tall bushes to boost privacy. Bushes in front of windows will make it harder for people to see inside your home. Trees with low-hanging branches can also boost privacy when they are full of leaves, flowers, and seeds. These front yard privacy solutions are beneficial when looking at homes on busy streets.


Whether you are looking at quiet streets or busy ones, you should expect to hear noises from the street and sidewalk. However, a long front yard can reduce the noise because the length creates a sizable distance from your house and where the noise happens. This makes it so that your family will not hear noise caused by people walking by or cars driving by much or at all.

Enjoy these benefits by prioritizing home listings with long front yards while house hunting. 

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