Considerations to Make When Choosing An Office Space

Your office building is a commercial property that affects your business operations, staff motivation, and company image. Thus, there is a wide range of factors to consider when leasing an office. The following five key considerations can assist you in choosing an ideal office space. 


The ability to make profits depends on your clients' and employees' access to the commercial property. Thus, select an office location that is easily accessible. In this case, consider proximity to urban areas with high population flow. Then, check whether the place is connected with public transport systems. In addition, think about location security since it affects the safety of your clients and staff. Thus, the location of an office space affects the satisfaction levels of your key stakeholders. 


The rental price is a critical factor when leasing an office space. Typically, a low rental price may see you compromising on the quality and size of the office. However, a high price may lead to the inability to pay rent and the eventual need to downsize. As such, it is important to have a budget based on your finances. In this case, ask yourself if you can afford to pay the deposit and monthly rent for the office. Then, find out the hidden costs such as utility, maintenance, and parking fees to avoid unexpected charges. Importantly, compare the price of other office spaces in the area to ensure you get value for money.


The size of the commercial property will have an impact on your business operations and growth. Thus, start by establishing your current and future space needs. Typically, the general rule for office space recommends that each person have at least 70 square feet in space. Thus, consider the number of employees who will be stationed at the office. In addition, think through your business activities when estimating space needs. For instance, some business activities may require you to have many pieces of furniture and storage space. Again, you may require a dedicated space for meeting with your clients or recreational areas for the staff. As such, the size of a commercial property affects business productivity.


Many people tend to ignore the design of a commercial property when leasing office space. Yet, the exterior and interior design can affect your business. Building design creates and maintains your brand image through visual appeal. Thus, ask yourself whether the design of the commercial property can be a branding tool for your office. For instance, check if you would proudly post a picture of the office on your website. Moreover, analyze the interior design for the need to customize and brand your office. 


The facilities available at a commercial office building have an impact on the guest and staff experience. Such facilities include bathrooms, Wi-Fi, meeting places, parking, and outdoor space. Commercial properties can also offer services such as concierges, fitness centers, and cafes. These facilities help to attract potential customers to the premises. More so, access to such amenities enhances the comfort of your work team.

The choice of a commercial property will affect your ability to attract and retain clients and staff. Thus, select an office space that offers accessibility and comfort besides being sizeable and affordable.