3 Simple Ways to Raise Your Home's Value Before Getting It Appraised

When you get your home appraised, you want to get the highest value possible. A high value will help you refinance your home or sell your home. That is why you want to take steps that will help you score higher in the home appraisal process before the appraiser shows up, as once your home is appraised, that sets a current value on your home.

#1: Get Together Important Documents

First, you are going to want to gather important documents for the appraiser. If you have a land survey that establishes the size of your land, you will want to make a copy of that. If you have made any improvements in the last few years, you will want to get copies of the receipt and contracts for any of that work.

For example, if you had a new hot water heater installed six months ago, copy the receipt for that improvement. Or if you had new windows installed in your home two years ago, you will want to include that paperwork. Providing the appraiser with information about your home can help them see the value and work you have put into your home and increase the appraisal price.

#2: Fix Small Issues

Second, take some time to fix little issues with your home that are easy for you to take care of. For example, make sure you have working lightbulbs in all the fixtures, so the appraiser can easily check each outlet's power. Tighten up that loose doorknob on your door and repaint any area with chipped paint. Paying attention to little details that you can easily fix on your own for free or a few dollars. Fixing the small issues will make your home feel more complete.

#3: Clean Up Your Yard

Curb appeal matters when it comes to the value of your home, so spend a few weekends outside improving the appearance of your home. Clean the gutters and remove any debris from your roof. Trim all your bushes, hedges, and trees. Plant some fresh flowers to add a pop of color. Cleaning up your yard and making it look a little more visually appealing will cost very little money and mainly require your time, but it could greatly increase your home's value. Or you can hire a landscaping company to come in and up your yard.

When it comes to getting the best value for your home during the real estate appraisal process, providing the appraiser with copies of documents related, fixing small issues, and cleaning up your yard to increase your home's value during the appraisal process easily.