Three Reasons To Use A Buyers Agent

Learning to navigate the real estate market can be a lot of work. Real estate pricing, trends, and inventory are constantly changing! If you are thinking about buying a new home, you're going to want a professional on your side. Some home shoppers may consider trying to purchase a home without a buyer's agent, but don't realize the risk they assume in the process. Here are three reasons you need a real estate agent and how you can find the right one:

Understanding Real Estate Terms 

You're going to come across a lot of unfamiliar terms when you start looking for a home. Understanding things like price per square foot, MLS, local comps, and a property's price history are important. Knowing the definition of the terms is not enough; instead, you need to understand how these factors influence the homes you look at and how to spot a deal. A good real estate agent will take the time to walk you through these typical house stats and help you get familiar with the MLS jargon. You want them to represent you and educate you along the way so you can be an informed buyer.

Legal Risk

Real estate contracts can be long and hard to understand. As a buyer, you are assuming legal responsibility for the conditions you sign for. You want a real estate professional on your side to help mitigate that risk with knowledge and the use of their license. A realtor will use their license and insurance to cover any mistakes throughout the transaction. Without a realtor, any mixups could be left entirely up to you. Real estate issues can be costly legal matters. Being represented by an experienced real estate agent can protect you and give you confidence in the transaction.


Most homes are sold by homeowners who use another real estate professional who is acting as a "seller's agent". Having a realtor who speaks their language and can access the agent's private notes on the MLS listing is huge! These notes might not be accessible to a home shopper who is wanting to shop without an agent. Your real estate agent should have lots of experience helping broker deals and go to bat for you. A good real estate agent knows when to come in high and when they can look for a deal. Using a realtor is a great way to keep things professional.

Find a real estate professional to represent you in the search for a new home. Find a realtor with a lot of experience and the willingness to help educate you along the way!