Advantages Of Having Your Home Built In The Ranch Style

Ranch-style homes are quite popular in the United States. These homes have one story, and they are usually built in a long, rectangular shape. If you are having a new home built, there are a few good reasons to consider a ranch-style layout.

A ranch home has a spacious, open feel.

These days, open floor plans are all the rage. They make it easier for people to socialize and allow people to interact with each other more easily when, for example, one person is in the living area and another is in the dining area. It's really easy to design a new ranch home with an open floor plan because there is no staircase to work around. If you were to have a two-floor home built, there would have to be some place for an enclosed staircase, which would either make the floor plan less open or would make it more complex to design for that open floor plan.

A ranch home is safe for all life stages.

With a ranch home, you do not have to worry about little kids falling down stairs. You also do not have to worry about older adults struggling to get up and down stairs. This home layout is truly suitable for every life stage. You could move into a ranch home at the age of 30, have kids in the home, and still live in the home safely at the age of 80. 

A ranch home offers easier roof and window access.

Are you a DIY enthusiast who likes to do their own home repairs, including repairs to the roof and windows? This is so much easier on a ranch home. The roof is closer to the ground, so you can access it from a shorter ladder, and you'll be safer up there. You can also clean the outsides of windows without being on much more than a step ladder. This may save you from having to hire a window cleaning company.

A ranch home can have multiple entryways.

Since the whole home is on one floor, there are more spaces where you can put exterior doors. You can have a separate back door and a side door. You can even put an exterior door off the master bedroom if you please. It's nice to have several doors, both for safety and aesthetic reasons.

Ranch style homes are popular for a reason. There's a good chance you'll love living in one, too!