5 Types Of Information You Need To Include On Your Ranch Property Listing

If you own a ranch that you want to sell, you need to do your research before you list your ranch for sale. When you list your ranch for sale, you want to make sure you have all the business and legal information together that a potential buyer would want or need to know before purchasing your ranch. You need a lot more than just a description of your ranch; you need to be prepared to share all the details of the operations of your business.

Mineral Ownership

Many ranch owners hold mineral rights over the property. Mineral rights or ownership is a special certification that allows the owner of the property to mine or exploit the minerals that are on their property. Mineral rights are one way many ranchers make a profit on their property. You may lease out your mineral rights to others. If your property comes with any mineral rights, you need to know all of those details so you can share that information on your listing and with potential buyers.

Water Rights

Water rights are a huge deal for ranch and farm properties. The water rights that you have determine where and what water you can use to feed your crops and take care of your property. You need to gather together your water rights documentations and include the type of water rights that come with the property in the listing.

BLM Leases

It is common for ranches to include land that they lease from the BLM. Oftentimes, these leases are decades-long and can be passed onto the next owner of the ranch. If your ranch includes any BLM land, you need to disclose that as well as the length of the lease with the BLM, so the next property owner knows what they are getting into.

Zoning Information

Ranches often include hundreds, if not thousands, of acres of land. All that land may not fall under the same zoning regulations. Detailed zoning information, so the next buyer knows what they can and cannot do with the land, is necessary for the listing.


As ranches are vast properties, they are not always serviced by local utilities, or local utilities are only available on part of the land. Be sure to include utility information in the listing. Many people now consider internet access a necessary utility as well, so be sure to include the type of internet access your property has.

If you are trying to sell your ranch, you need to make sure that you can share as much detailed information about the operation of the ranch, from mineral rights to water rights to zoning information and utility access, with potential buyers. This is not an inclusive list; dig deep and create a detailed listing that lets a potential buyer know everything your ranch has to offer.