Scoping Out Senior Apartment Complexes For Mom? Important Questions To Ask

If your mom is in her retirement years and has recently divorced or become widowed, it is normal for you to want to help her find a safe, comfortable place in which to live. One option that may be a good fit is a senior apartment complex. 

Seniors who suddenly find themselves living alone often find it very difficult to meet others with similar interests and form new friendships. Making their new home in a senior apartment complex can offer the positive social interaction that your mom needs to adjust to her new life. If you will be accompanying your mom in touring senior apartment complexes, here are some important questions to ask. 

Will the facility be suitable for your mom on a long-term basis? 

Even if your mom is in good health now, it is a good idea to choose an apartment that will still be safe and manageable for her, should her mobility decline. Look for an apartment with features that meet the standards set forth by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), such as wheelchair accessible features, including wide doorways and halls, grab bars and roll-in showers. 

Are the community areas easily accessible?

In addition to apartment features to make aging and mobility issues easier to manage, the apartment complex you ultimately help your mom choose should also have community areas that will be easy for her to use. Most importantly, look for a complex equipped with elevators handrails, slip-resistant flooring, and good lighting in the common areas. 

Is the facility gated with safe parking areas? 

Apartment complexes with gates or secure entrances and well-lit covered parking will offer your mom the safety and security she needs in order to feel confident in her new home. In addition to offering a more secure feeling, covered parking areas will prevent your mom from having to deal with ice, snow, or rain, all of which could make it more likely for slip and fall injuries to occur. 

Is all maintenance included? 

Another important factor to consider is whether or not all maintenance is included. In addition to exterior maintenance, such as painting, lawn care, and snow removal, finding a complex where all interior maintenance is also provided will help to prevent falls and injuries and ensure your mom's safety. 

To learn more about a senior apartment complex that your mom is interested in, make an appointment to meet with the manager or consult with a reputable real estate professional who specializes in helping seniors with their housing needs.