3 Factors To Help When Deciding On An Apartment

If you have never lived in an apartment or have not moved in a while, there may be features you overlook when finding your next apartment. Before you sign a lease there are factors that will make your next apartment more comfortable.


Whether you want an apartment on the bottom or upper floor of an apartment building may often rest on your preference. Many people prefer the bottom floor because they do not have to climb steps and it makes moving items or buying new furniture easier. Sometimes your lifestyle can be more important than your personal preference. You will need to seriously consider how your lifestyle can affect those around you. For example, it is difficult to live on the upper-levels when you have young children or an erratic work/sleeping schedule without bothering your downstairs neighbors. Unless the apartment you are considering has concrete floors, such as industrial buildings that have been converted to residential spaces, no matter how gingerly you walk at night, the floor may creak. Living on the upper floors can also make it harder to exercise, even during the daytime, especially if you participate in cardio that requires jumping or running.

Apartment Configuration

When you are viewing an apartment it is just as important to consider the inside configuration as much as the outside. For example, if you will live on the bottom floor or live in an apartment with two levels, you should think about how private areas of your apartment relate to the outside world. Sometimes outside walkways are in front of the bedroom or bathroom, which can make these areas of your apartment seem less private. It would also make it difficult for you to open the blinds or curtains of your bedroom window, because passersby could easily see inside. Additionally, you might prefer if the windows have more elevation so it would be difficult for an intruder to climb through the windows.


Unless you have lived in an apartment with lackluster lighting, you may not realize the importance of lighting fixtures. One problem in some apartments is the lack of light fixtures in bedrooms and the main living areas. When this is combined with lack windows for natural light, it can pose a serious problem depending on how you utilize the space. For example, some people rely on their living space to shoot video, take photographs, or as an art studio. Without adequate natural light or the ability to have good overhead light, your options can be limited.

Another problem that may occur is when light fixtures are available, but difficult to access even with a stepladder. When you are viewing apartments pay attention to how easy it is for you to change the light bulbs in different rooms. Although lamps, light boxes, and ring lights are frequently used to compensate for poor or bad lighting situations, in small apartments you may be limited on options without absorbing your living space.

Finding the right apartment rental is always a matter of trial and error. Paying attention to the small details of each apartment you visit will improve your overall satisfaction with your new place.