Upscale Wording To Include In The Listing For A Luxury Home

When a buyer is in the market for a luxury home, he or she isn't just interested in the features that the residence offers. Many buyers within this demographic are also looking to feel exclusive and upscale. As such, it's imperative that your online real estate listing includes wording that makes those browsing it feel these feelings. If you own a luxury home and are looking for a real estate agent to sell it for you, focus on those who specialize in high-end listings, as they'll be more skilled at using the right type of wording to appeal to buyers. Here are some examples of wording to use.


Buyers of luxury homes want to feel that they're members of an exclusive crowd, so it's a good idea to use the term "exclusive" in your luxury real estate listing. This word invokes imagery of being a member of the upper class and having a home that offers features that the average person's home doesn't have — but that the homeowner likely covets.


Whereas the average residential home's fixtures and furnishings may be bought from local big-box stores, luxury homes are often characterized by their important elements — and that makes the word "imported" valuable to use in your luxury real estate listing. Use this word wherever it's applicable, whether it's to describe the home's imported marble countertops or its imported soaker tub.


If your luxury home has a view, you should consider labeling it as "panoramic." For example, whether you're selling a downtown condo on the upper floor of a high-end building or a lakefront lodge-style home with modern amenities, it may have panoramic views of the city or of the water, respectively. This term evokes feelings of luxury — people won't be able to help thinking about standing on a deck or in front of a window and feeling luxurious because of the view in front of them.


People in the world of luxury real estate don't want the hassles that the average homeowner may experience. When you include the word "private" in your listing, it sends a clear message that the next owner of your home will enjoy a high degree of privacy. This can include being on a treed lot away from the prying eyes of neighbors, as well as being in a gated community that doesn't allow the average motorist to drive through without permission from a homeowner.