Making Things Easier For Your Realtor During Your Single-Family Home Search

The search for a single-family home is best done with a realtor. Such a professional can shepherd you through each step of the entire process and help provide direction for your house search. You can make things easier for them--and therefore allow them to help you even more--with these tips..

Get a Loan

Many home-buying articles include a suggestion to secure a mortgage early on in the process; it's a smart idea so that you understand how much money you'll be able to spend. However, you might not quite realize how this information can help your realtor as well. During a preliminary search of the databases available to them, knowing the mortgage amount you're pre-approved for will give them the ability to zero in on homes in the range you can afford. As a result, they can disregard all the houses that simply won't work out financially. That gives them more time to properly investigate homes that are serious contenders.

Be Clear About Priorities

Those who are searching for the perfect single-family residence can be vague about their priorities and needs during their search. You might have told your realtor that you wanted a waterfront home or a home in a family-friendly neighborhood, for instance. You may have requested a certain number of bedrooms. However, to help your realtor show you suitable houses, you need to get as specific and detailed as you can about what priorities you have for a house. For instance, do you need a driveway, or is street parking enough? Do you want a completely finished basement? Where do you want your laundry room to be located? Specific information will ensure that you and the realtor don't have to visit dozens of houses that aren't quite what you want.

Know the Market

While you might not have access to as much information as your realtor does, it's important that you educate yourself about different neighborhoods and prices that you might run into during the search. For instance, if you go into your search planning to "lowball" sellers because of repairs that have to be done or other issues without realizing that similar houses in the area have sold for much more than your offers, you'll be unlikely to respond to the urging of your realtor to place a higher bid. This can mean it'll take longer for you to find a good house.

With these suggestions, your realtor is better able to find suitable homes for your family and provide the specific help you'll need during the purchasing process. When they're better able to work on your behalf, you can discover your new home soon.