Why Tiny Houses Are Such A Big Idea Right Now

In the past few years, the average size of the American home has slowly been inching upward. The average square footage has risen dramatically over the years to the present 2600 square feet. Not all home buyers are enamored of all that interior space, however. Tiny homes are hot right now, but if you cannot fathom why someone would willingly live in a small space, read on.

What makes a tiny home tiny? In most cases, these little abodes average about 100 to about 400 square feet; just a fraction of most homes in the United States. Another common feature of these homes is the ability to move the home wherever you like, since they are made to be mobile. Why are they so popular? Consider the following:

1. Tiny homes cost a lot less than larger ones. While it's obvious that a smaller home will just naturally cost less, that factor is just one of many when it comes to how thrifty a tiny home can be. Many budgets benefit from the lowered costs to heat and cool plus the lower cost of maintenance.

2. Tiny homes promote a better quality of life. Think about how much of your salary goes into your housing expenses. While you may not love your job, it does pay the mortgage. Now imagine that you can quit that awful job and do what you really want to do, whether that be a return to school or start your own business. Saving money on your housing can create more opportunities to enhance your life. Hobbies can be pursued and you can travel the world.....

3. Tiny homes allow you to travel the world. Tiny homes have an attractive and useful feature, they can be towed almost anywhere. If you love to immerse yourself in the local community for months instead of just visiting for few days, you can do so with this mobile wonder.

4. Tiny homes demand that you simplify your life. Most people are plagued with a lot of "stuff", and all those possessions can begin to weigh you down after a time. To live in a tiny home, you must conscientiously pair down your belongings to the point that only the items that you really need and want are left. Just the act of making those decisions can tell you a lot about what you hold valuable, and what are just useless objects.

If a tiny home sounds perfect for you, talk to your real estate agent about the possibilities.