Space-Saving Techniques When You Buy A Smaller Home

When you are looking for the perfect home, sometimes you may find that great things come in small packages. Single family homes don't have to be huge to meet your needs and expectations. If you decide that you want to buy a smaller home, the one issue that may come up is the limited amount of space for your stuff. These space-saving techniques can help you make it work and feel good about buying a smaller home.

Choose Chaise Lounges or Loveseats

Instead of full-size sofas, consider using chaise lounges or loveseats for your den or living room. In addition to literally saving space, they can make a room look bigger while still providing great comfort and functionality. In fact, chaise lounges can be used in more ways and may even work as a bed for kids' slumber parties.

Use Under-the-Stairs Storage Opportunities

The stairway can provide a treasure trove of space-saving opportunities. You can use the space directly under the stairs to store things you love but don't want to display in your home. Some stairways can even be made so that the stairs themselves pull out into storage drawers and cabinets. Innovate to make it work best for you.

Try Murphy Beds or Sofa Beds for Guest Rooms

Murphy beds have been used for many years to help people make the most of limited space. They allow you to have a comfortable bed that easily and simply can be folded back into the wall when you wake up. This can work well in a guest room where the best isn't used all that often. Children may especially love the idea of having a hidden bed, too.

Check Out Other Combined Furniture Options

Many types of combined furniture seem to have been designed for either apartment dwellers or those in small single family homes. You can buy furniture that can fit into each other. For example, you can buy tables and chairs that go conveniently into the grooves of a bookshelf, or you may opt to get a chest that doubles as a coffee table.

Finally, keep in mind that it's not the size of a home that matters as much as what you make of the space you do have. These space-saving techniques can help you keep your home looking spacious and feeling clean even when you have less room to work with overall. A single family home that's small in size can be big in style and heart, and those all come from what you bring to it.