Small Details That May Influence Your Apartment Choice

When you are on the hunt for a new apartment, there may be small details you are overlooking that can influence your decision and how satisfied you are with your new residence. By going over each potential apartment with fine-tooth comb, you can make a better decision for your needs.

Personal Comfort

If you have your eye on an apartment building with multiple floors or a two-story apartment, you should consider how comfortable you are with the layout. You may feel more secure living on the second (or higher) floor if you live alone, since you will not have any windows on the bottom floor. If you are looking at a first floor apartment or a two-story apartment where there are bedrooms or bathrooms on the first floor, you should consider the window placement. In some cases, the windows are higher up so it is not as easy for anyone to look inside. Although it may seem like a small detail, it can be uncomfortable when someone walks by your bedroom or bathroom window while you are inside.

Ease Of Moving

If you choose to living on a higher floor, this can also factor into how difficult it will be to move and the expense of hiring movers. Many multilevel buildings do not have an elevator, especially if there are only a few floors. Therefore you may need to limit the amount and size of furniture you move. Hiring movers will be more expensive if there are stairs involved. Additionally, if the staircases or walkways are narrow, it may be impossible for them to move certain furniture items. You need to take this into consideration so you are not left with furniture items that you have to abandon.

The Pros And Cons Of Exterior Walls

Since you have no control over your neighbors, you may want to consider choosing an apartment with at least some exterior walls, especially for the bedroom. Apartments around the outside of the building are often more popular and are taken quickly, because you are not squeezed between multiple neighbors. The construction of exterior walls may influence your decision. Since there is no way to know how much (or little) insulation exists inside the walls of an apartment, you may want to use other parts of the construction to gauge efficiency. Stand outside and look at the building material. Many apartments have vinyl siding, which is not an effective insulation. If given the option, choose an apartment with a brick or concrete exterior. This type of construction may lessen your overall heating and cooling costs because both materials are better at insulating your apartment.

Apartment Position And Utility Costs

The downside of choosing an apartment with at least some exterior walls is your apartment will be more influenced by the external temperature, which can translate into higher heating and cooling costs. Additionally, your utility costs can be influenced by your neighbors, depending on the construction of your apartment. Since heat rises, apartments on the upper levels are often less expensive to heat because your downstairs neighbors are indirectly heating your apartment during the cooler months. Conversely, cold air sinks, so when you use your air conditioner during the warmer months, your downstairs neighbors benefits. The best middle ground is to choose an apartment on the middle floors, when possible.

Balconies And Patios

Having access to a balcony or patio may be an important feature when choosing an apartment. Consider how you plan to utilize your balcony or patio, which can influence the apartment you choose. Are you a smoker, or do you plan to grill outdoors? Since smoke rises, you may do better by choosing an upstairs apartment with a patio to minimize the impact on your neighbors. Conversely, if you would be annoyed by smoke of any type, a downstairs apartment with a patio may be less of a nuisance for you. Some people choose to use their balcony or patio as a place to relax, work on the laptop, or as an extension of their art studio. Ideally, a upper-level balcony is best since you do not have to be as concerned about securing your property.

When apartment hunting, you probably need to narrow down a long list of possible locations. Paying attention to the small details when selecting your next apartment can improve your satisfaction with your new residence. Contact a company like Infinity Properties to get started.