Making Room For Baby: Tips For Sharing Your Studio Apartment With A Newborn

Your studio apartment has always been cozy and just enough room for you and your partner. But now that a new baby is on the way, it's time to get creative in order to fit all of the stuff that comes with having a newborn. Before you consider moving, realize that with a little hard work, unique storage solutions and the right baby gear, it is possible for the three of you to live comfortably in your small space. Here are some tips to help you make room for a baby in your studio apartment without breaking the bank:

Do a Little Digging to Find Unique, Foldable, Travel and Multi-Purpose Gear

You're short on space, which means you need to find baby gear that will fit in your apartment and be used for several years. Luckily, there are several items now available to choose from; you just need to know what to look for and where to shop.

While shopping around for all the must-have baby gear, keep these tips in mind:

  • Purchase a pack-and-play that comes equipped with storage compartments and a changing table. Not only will you have a place to keep your diapers and wipes, but you can also fold up the portable bed when you have company.
  • Skip the high chair and, instead, purchase a baby seat that sits on top of your chair or attaches directly to the table. Once again, look for pieces that can fold, which allows you to store them when not in use.
  • Avoid the temptation to buy your baby stuff they just don't need. For example, your baby will have hours of fun inside a foldable bouncer or walker. You don't also need to purchase them a pricey swing that they will outgrow within the space of a month.

Purchasing your baby gear used is another great way to save money – but there are items you should always buy new. According to Pop Sugar, because of health and safety concerns, you should always buy your crib and baby mattress new.

Utilize Your Apartment's Vertical Space

With floor space at a minimum, you'll need to find creative and safe ways to store your baby's clothing, toys and other gear. The best option available is to utilize your apartment's vertical space. With your landlord's permission, begin installing shelves throughout your apartment.

Purchase inexpensive baskets and label them to keep your baby's gear well-organized. While the baby is young, go ahead and utilize the lower shelves to store your breakables or display anything you like. As the baby grows into a curious toddler, start moving anything that you don't want broken or touched onto the higher shelves.

Don't forget to also utilize the vertical space in your closet, as well. A modular shelving unit is a relatively inexpensive way to make the most out of your precious closet space. If the closet is large enough, consider making it your baby's personal space. You can even keep a crib and toys inside to provide your baby with their own makeshift bedroom!

Learn to Let Go

Finally, the best way to keep your small space from becoming overwhelmed by your baby is to learn to let go of everything your baby doesn't need, or outgrows. In addition to donating these items to a local thrift shop, consider swapping clothing and toys with a friend or neighbor.

Not only will you avoid cluttering your studio apartment with unnecessary stuff, but hosting a clothing and toy swap will also save you big money on your growing baby's needs.

From installing high shelving to purchasing multi-functional furniture and other baby gear, there are several ways you can enjoy studio apartments as a family of three.