5 Items to Make Sure You Discuss with Your Packers before Moving Your Small Business

If you own a growing business, it is likely that you will have to move offices at some point. To save time and keep from interrupting your employees' work schedule, you will probably want to hire professional, experienced packers and movers to pack your office and set it up in its new location. When you are getting quotes for these services, it is important to ask questions that will give you a good idea of what is included and how your belongings will be handled. Below are five things you will want to discuss with a potential firm before hiring them to move your small company. 

How Do They Handle Confidential Material?

If your business has sensitive information on documents or in electronic form, it is important to make sure that the moving company you are working with screens their employees and trains them to handle sensitive documents. Making sure that everyone on your site has a thorough background check can give you the peace of mind to allow your confidential documents to be packed and transported by a packing and moving company. 

If the company you are working with does not have a standard procedure for dealing with confidential documents, you may want to pack and move these items yourself. 

Do Packing Services Include Dismantling and Setup of Computer Equipment?

When you are moving a company, one of the most time-consuming activities is disassembling employee computer stations and setting them up in your new office. While you can have each of your employees take down and set up their own computer, you will save time and energy by hiring a company that can make sure your computer equipment is set up properly and connected to your office network before your employees arrive for work. 

Do They Offer Off-Hour Services, and Is There an Extra Fee for This?

If you are unable to shut your business down for the 1–2 days that it will take to move your belongings to a new office building, then you will need to look for a company that offers packing and moving services outside of business hours. Ideally your move would happen over a weekend, but there are some companies that will work through the night to make sure your new office is ready to go on a weekday morning. However, if a company offers off-hour services, you should expect to pay a premium for them. 

What Packing Supplies Do They Use for Fragile Items?

Instead of simply asking if the packing company can handle fragile equipment, you should ask what type of packing supplies they use to pack computer equipment and other fragile office equipment. For instance, they should be able to provide antistatic bags for your electrical components. You will also want to ask if they remove sensitive parts of computers, such as the hard drive, before transporting them. 

What Extra Business Services Do They Offer?

Be sure to take advantage of any extra services that can be helpful to your small business. For instance, if you need disposal services to get rid of furniture and equipment you do not need at your new location, your movers may offer this. They may also be able to decommission your space, including cleaning it and dealing with your final lease paperwork, so you do not have to. 

Moving your office is a lot more complicated than moving your home. It is important that you talk with your potential movers to clarify these details before you enter into a contract with them. Contact a representative of a company that offers packing services through a website like http://www.bekins.com to learn more.